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State Street: Personalized Homepage for Asset Managers

ss hero image.png

My Role

UX Designer / Project Lead


April 2022 - January 2024


Figma, Sketch, Axure


Design, Engineering, Product, Marketing, Data, Business



State Street is a global custodian bank that services multiple clients from asset managers, asset owners, official institutions, insurances, and alternatives. Over 130,000 clients are able access services to view and download important reports through a centralized platform in 


However, the diverse range of services, tools, and reports makes it hard for asset manager clients to navigate the current portal. Asset managers must go through multiple pages to access relevant information they need for their workflow.


In order to allow users to better find what they're looking for, we’ve decided to create a homepage experience that provides asset managers a unique set of cards relevant for each user groups’ workflow.

ss before and after.png

The UX Process

ss ux process.png

More Details

Due to NDA, more details related to the project are password protected. To read more on our design process, visit link below using password provided.
Thank you!


ss metrics.png

Upon the June release we were able to track client usage of the homepage experience using Adobe Analytics. We were able to onboard 3,845 asset manager users with a total of 18,632 total views and 9,045 total reports downloaded.

Next Steps

To Be Continued...

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys to gather user feedback and identify what areas could be improved upon

  • Work with stakeholders to onboard additional external clients onto the homepage

  • Continue to monitor Adobe Analytics to determine what's working well and what's not


I enjoyed collaborating across teams—including design, engineering, product, business, and marketing—throughout the entire journey of this project, from conception to execution. Leading the design process from start to finish was particularly rewarding, as it allowed me to witness firsthand how research insights translate into products utilized by asset managers on a daily basis.

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